ProSeries Plasma

Rhino’s ProSeries is the best-built CNC plasma cutting table in its class. The ProSeries is our flagship product suited for all hi-def, high accuracy plasma cutting applications. Full featured including:

  • Built to handle heavy plate cutting in harsh industrial environments
  • Available with up to 400 amp Hi-def plasma cutting power
  • Optional bevel cutting head for weld preparation
  • Plasma bridge is fabricated in-house from machined aluminum for high-accuracy motion

Rhino’s Infinity CNC

Rhino’s Infinity CNC controller is built upon our years of experience from our roots as a division Westinghouse and as Linatrol through to today — delivering near unlimited potential.

  • Pop Technology gives you dramatic increases in cut throughput compared to normal cutting execution.
  • Control any number of axes, cutting stations, bevel execution, dual bridge, etc
  • Machine wizard for quick jobs and office suite tools
  • Over 20 years - Top Performance CNC cutting controller

Bevel Cutting Head

Available now, Rhino’s Bevel cutting torch. For off-axis cutting and weld preparation.

  • Maximum tilt +/-50 degree from vertical for true corners without loops
  • 3-Axis A, B, Z simultaneous for true 5 axis motion
  • <1 arc/min backlash
  • Laser pointer for accurate origin definition
  • Magnetic anti-collision system preserves the integrity of the torch and machine in the event of a crash
  • Motor brakes prevent unwanted motion of bevel head during power off

    Table size

    Designed to fit standard sheet sizes and capable of accommodating your custom requirements.

    Max thickness of cut

    Determining the maximum cut thickness will help us choose which plasma/oxy/laser power source your table will require.

    Material types

    Please check all that apply.

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