ProSeries MP Plasma

Rhino’s ProSeriers MP is a powerful multi-process plasma and oxy CNC cutting machine. Isolated bridge & motion system built on external rails, immune to the high heat generation of thick oxy cutting applications — to ensure years of accurate cutting.

  • Multi-process capabilities: Plasma, Oxy, bevel and SD drill
  • Unitized construction for drop-in place operation, capable of cutting up to 6"
  • Heavy duty machined steel bridge with integrated heat shields
  • Formed and welded end trucks for quick traverse speeds with low vibration
  • Down draft and water table configurations available

Multi-Process OXY and Plasma

Combine high definition plasma cutting with the thickness capabilities of Oxy fuel cutting.

  • High heat resistance with a heavy duty steel bridge and integrated heat shields
  • Auto gas consoles
  • Control multiple process with Rhino's Inifinity Controller
  • Optionals: Medium-duty Drill, Tap up to 1/2"" dia in MS and Bevel head

Unitized Construction

All-in-one, turn-key plasma and oxy cutting table.

  • Unitized design comes pre-tuned and tested for easy and quick installation
  • Cutting envelopes up to 8 ft wide and up to 24 ft long
  • Heavy duty linear ways with dust sealed bearing blocks
  • T140 machined rails & module 2 helical rack and pinion gear set

    Table size

    Designed to fit standard sheet sizes and capable of accommodating your custom requirements.

    Max thickness of cut

    Determining the maximum cut thickness will help us choose which plasma/oxy/laser power source your table will require.

    Material types

    Please check all that apply.

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