Production Plasma

Rhino’s Production Series is engineered and built for heavy industrial production environments, OEM’s and plate processing centers.

  • Capable for multiple torch stations and multiple bridge cutting execution
  • Pipe and Tube cutting station easy added
  • Designed for OEM's and plate processing centres
  • Available is standard sizes and for customer defined table sizes

Multi-Bridge, Multi-process

Increase your capactity and throughput with Rhino’s Production dual bridge, multi-process CNC plasma / OXY cutting centre.

  • Control multiple bridges and multiple processes simultaneously
  • Standard bridge widths are 8, 10, 12 ft with unlimited table lengths, contact us for custom requests
  • Improve throughput with room for cutting and unloading on a single table
  • Optional hand torch for scrap removal

Ultra Heavy-Duty Design

Rhino’s Production Series sets the benchmark for Heavy-duty CNC cutting.

  • 50 mm linear ways with dust sealed bearing blocks
  • Industry leading 2kW AC servo motors
  • Ultra-low backlash planetary gearboxes
  • Sophisticated bridge design with thorough FEA analysis, heat treated & stress relieved guaranteeing performance throughout years of high heat generation cutting
  • Formed and welded heavy duty end trucks

    Table size

    Designed to fit standard sheet sizes and capable of accommodating your custom requirements.

    Max thickness of cut

    Determining the maximum cut thickness will help us choose which plasma/oxy/laser power source your table will require.

    Material types

    Please check all that apply.

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