FabShop Plasma

Rhino FabShop is a precision plasma cutting table that is perfect for any medium duty, high volume cutting shop.

  • Designed for fast pace production environments
  • Unitized design for rigidity comes pre-tuned and tested for easy and quick install
  • High precsion plasma cutting yeilding weld ready production parts
  • Suited for cutting up to 1" plate

iCNC – ProMotion Nest Office Suite

Full sheet utilization, less scrap, higher quality cutting especially in the corners and holes.

  • Powerful office suite software with advanced nesting options.
  • Diameter pro / Bolt hole ready option available
  • Speed profiles (changing speed in the corners and tight radii)
  • Material Cost Calculator

Thermal Dynamics Torch Height Control

Torch Height Control is key to great cut quality, increased consumable life, as well as productivity and throughput of the cutting machine.

  • Built-in laser pointer for easy torch positioning
  • All height control settings controlled by iCNC
  • Dual plate sensing, ohmic and torch holder sensors (also used for Collision sense)
  • Fully enclosed ball bearing slide for the harshest environments

    Table size

    Designed to fit standard sheet sizes and capable of accommodating your custom requirements.

    Max thickness of cut

    Determining the maximum cut thickness will help us choose which plasma/oxy/laser power source your table will require.

    Material types

    Please check all that apply.

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