Lean Manufacturing

Posted on July 19th, 2018

Do you know what Lean Manufacturing is?

The concept of Lean Manufacturing has been a buzzword in the manufacturing industry for decades. Lean Manufacturing is focused on continually improving the companies’ processes and becoming as efficient as possible. When the methods and concepts are applied correctly, companies can become much more competitive and significantly increase their profits. That’s because the concept of “lean” is one of the most effective ways for manufacturing companies to become more productive, reduce their waste, and improve their efficiency.

Below you will find 10 tips you can use to get closer to running a lean manufacturing operation.

  • Eliminate Waste
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Respect Human Resource
  • Level Production
  • Just In Time Production
  • First Class Inventory Management
  • Quality Built-in
  • Risk Management
  • Lead Time Reduction
  • Build Good Longterm Relationships with Suppliers

We hope you found the above-mentioned tips helpful and they will help you to start thinking about how your company will move forward in a “Lean” direction.

Which of the “Lean Manufacturing” tips your company is following? Share your response in the comment section below.