• 5316 John Lucas Drive, Burlington, Ontario L7L 6A6


Heavy Duty Single/Multi Station, 2D/3D Oxy Fuel/Plasma Cutting and Drilling Machines engineered and built for your production needs.


• Available in Standard and Customer defined sizes.
• Standard table sizes – 5’ x 10’ / 8’ x 20’ / 10’ x 20’ / 10’ x 40.’
• Downdraft Table features programmable ventilation zones with optional roll-out drawers for
slag removal.
• Remote variable level control on Water Table models.
• Plate Marking System – Plasma, Punch, Ink-Jet.
• High Definition Plasma System.
– Bolt Ready Holes
– Optional hand torch for scrap cutting
• Intelligent oxy fuel cutting.
– CNC Controlled Auto Gas Console for oxy fuel cutting operations
• Powerful and easy to use LinatrolCUT desktop nesting software .
• CNC Integrated torch lifter to enable POP Technology Features .
• Operator Enhancement Features.
• 15 kW Cat 40/50 HSK Drilling Station.
– Provides the ability to drill, mark and plasma cut in one easy operation
– Adjustable clamping force to 2500 pounds
– Automatic tool changer
– MQL Lubrication System (Minimum Quantity Lubricant)
• 3D Bevel Weld Preparation System.
– Multi axis motion control to create precise weld preparation be vels
– Light weight, robust, compact, pantograph design to produce tru e K, Y, V, X bevels.
• Pipe and Tube Cutting.


• Engineered and built for heavy industrial production environm ents, OEM’s and plate processing centers.
• Dual Beam Bridge for extra rigidity to support CAT 40/50 HSK Drilling station.
• Formed and welded end truck design.
• Rigorous FEA analysis of bridge design to reduce vibration an d increase rigidity and profile cut quality.
• Available in standard and customer defined table sizes.
• Capability for multiple torch stations Plasma and/or Oxy Fuel – individually motor driven or CNC
controlled spacing along an aircraft cable carriage.
• Heavy duty 50mm linear ways with dust sealed bearing blocks.
• Heavy gage module 2 helical rack and pinion mated with fully machined, hardened train rails.
• 3 Axis INFINITY CNC with industry leading 2 KW AC Servo motor s and precision, ultra-low backlash
planetary gearboxes.
• CNC Controlled multi-zoned Down Draft and variable level Wate r table options.
• Enabled with Plasma Optimization Package (POP) Technology ava ilable exclusively with
Linatrol’s INFINITY CNC suite — Saves up to 40 % processing time of a nested sheet!
• Standard features include Linatrol high speed arc voltage torch lifter for plasma, capacitive lifters
for oxy/fuel with protective crash switch.
• Spark resistant enclosed cable/hose management system.
• Overall clean, attractive aesthetic finish, designed with functionality, longevity and ease
of service as its primary goals.
• Industry leading 5 year warranty on motors and gearboxes!