Robotic Laser Cutting

Key Applications for 3D Laser Cutting

  • Ultra-high Strength steel structures
  • Hot stamping trimming & hole cutting
  • Hydroformed tubular components
  • Trimming automotive body panels

Robotic Laser Cutting Process

  • Highly Reliable Process
  • Flexible design
  • Precise and Accurate
  • Easy offline programming
  • No consumable hard tooling

Rhino Laser Cutting Cell - Highlights

High-performance robotic laser cutting cells from Rhino Cutting Systems.

In-house engineering team with proven track record in designing complex machines and offering customized SOLUTIONS.

Advanced Laser know-how, applications support and laser safety officers on staff with years of metal cutting experience.

Rhino RL-2
Rhino RL-1

What RHINO can offer:

Complete Turn-key Solution:

  • Full design of the cell
  • Infeed / Outfeed automation
  • Tooling, fixturing and gauging
  • Laser application development
  • Robot path and calibration
  • Scrap material management
  • Fume Handling
  • Safety and Guarding
  • In-house Prototype & Production Cutting Services

Part Fixturing

  • Flexible design concepts
  • Specific for laser processing
  • Dynamic clamping
  • Scrap management
  • Multi-staged part processing

Laser Cell Design Features

  • CDRH Class 1 Light-tight laser enclosure with viewing windows
  • Space saving design
  • Safety-interlock systems
  • Dust collection with Spark Arrester.
  • Integrated cable management and protection.
  • Internal lighting to illuminate work area
  • Optional Internal process view camera with externally mounted video monitor

High Speed Precision Robot Laser Cutting

Trepanning Optics

  • High Speed Trepanning Cutting Head
    • 3 added axis of motion
    • 30x30mm range
  • Increased speed and accuracy for processing small holes and features.
    • Up to 4X faster with 2X accuracy than standard robot laser cutting
    • with Axial crash protection

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