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Plasma Machine


Introducing to you, our “Fab Shop ECO series”, plasma cutting machine. This is perfect for you if you have low production needs and need something to fit within your budget.


  • Available sizes are 5’x10’ and 6’x12’ cutting envelope.
  • CNC controlled Variable Level Water Table.
  • Formed and welded end-trucks.
  • All wiring/hosing through cable track or machine frame.
  • All carriage guideways are 25mm linear ways.
  • All gear rack and pinions to be helical design MOD 2.
  • Low backlash planetary gearboxes.
  • Thermal Dynamics iCNC Performance.
  • Panasonic 400w AC servo motors with encoder feedback for accurate positioning.
  • 2-YEAR WARRANTY ON; Drive Motors and Gearboxes.

Plasma Cutting Equipment Options

  • Thermal Dynamics Ultra-Cut w/Auto Gas console.
  • Thermal Dynamics Auto Cut.
  • Maximum cutting current is 200A.


  • No yearly Licensing fee
  • Runs in any Windows operating system
  • Creates/Reads both EIA/ESSI-coded cutting programs and reads CAD drawings
  • Set by pointing your mouse
    to piercing points, cutting directions, cutting order, bridging, chain cutting, copying, mirroring, moving, etc.
  • Add machining allowances to any location of any profile.
  • Pre-programmed Macros
  • Marking from CAD drawings using multiple layers
  • Fully visual manual and auto nesting on plate, no need to be familiar with ESSI/EIA
  • Micro-Cad for editing shapes
  • Cost calculator
  • Optimize material utilization

Thermal Dynamics iCNC Performance:

  • 15 inch touch screen.
  • Control up to 2 Plasma’s and 4 Oxy Fuel stations.
  • Process databases built into the system.
  • “Diameter Pro” Enabled, “Bolt Ready Holes”.
  • All cutting parameters are automatically transferred to the plasma system and height contro.l
  • Changes to cutting processes can saved and reused.
  • Changes to part nesting can be done right at the iCNC.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi allows for remote access for technical support and service.

Thermal Dynamics Torch Height Control:

  • 8” of travel (14” optional).
  • All required height control settings come directly from the iCNC control.
  • Parameters from process database set automatically; ignition & pierceheight, stay-up-time, pierce time, cut height, arc voltage, etc…
  • Torch collision protection.
  • Built-in laser pointer for easy torch positioning.
  • Voltage sampling to compensate for electrode wear.
  • 2 ways to plate sense; Ohmic contact or Torch holder sensor (Tip Touch).
  • Fully enclosed ball bearing slide to withstand harsh working conditions.
Plasma Machine
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