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Plasma Cutting machines and Fiber Laser Cutting machines.

Rhino Cutting Systems is a Canadian designer and manufacturer of laser cutting machines and plasma cutting machines.
Our cutting systems boast multi-process capabilities including up to 6KW Fiber Laser, Plasma, Marking, Pipe Cutting,
Oxy-Fuel, true beveled weld preparation, drilling and tapping to name a few.

Plasma & Laser Cutting Machines We Offer

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All parts use to manufacture our machines are of superior quality and are available locally.


Each machine is designed and manufactured to suit your needs. Your needs are placed at the heart of every machine.


At Rhino, we provide each client with the best in training and the most reliable after sales maintenance service.


Our product development involves a modular process. As such, your product will be delivered in a timely manner.

Plasma Cutting Machines (Fab Shop MP Series)

Rhino Fab Shop is designed for fast paced production environments.
It facilitates Single or Multi-Process Plasma/Oxy.

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